OLDaily Reader Survey
Thank you for being a loyal OLDaily reader.
It's OK if you're not so loyal either.

This is not an official survey and isn't being used for research
I just want to know your thoughts about the newsletter
I might write up the results in a blog post
How many years have you been an OLDaily reader?

How do you read OLDaily, mostly?

OLDaily can be pretty opinionated. Does that bother you? Would you prefer more opinions? Less opinions?

Tell me what sort of coverage you like to see in OLDaily....

Personal Learning and PLEs

Open learning and Open Educational Resources

Open courses and MOOCs

Learning theory and connectivism

Learning Technology Standards like IEEE-LOM, SCORM, xAPI, LTI, etc

Technology companies and new products

My own projects, papers, presentations and opinions


If you said you wanted more 'other', what do you want to see more of?

Does the newsletter need a new design? What features would you add or delete? What do you like about the design, or hate about the design? How about the website?

What else do you want to tell me?

Thank you for this. I really appreciate your responses.
I enjoy producing OLDaily and I hope you enjoy reading it.
OK I'm Done
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